When it comes to planning a trip, we generally prefer to save on transport and prioritize activities, accommodation and good food.

Discover 5 tips to make a cheap car rental in Canada , and travel richer.

# 1- Compare the offers of the different rental companies

Ask yourself the right questions before booking a rental car

All car rental companies offer different rates , often based on the inclusions offered : unlimited mileage, $ 0 deductible, insurance, first fill-up, additional driver, etc.

To help you disentangle all these offers, a price comparison is available on our website .

Choose the vehicle model that meets your needs and your budget.

Be careful never to underestimate the size of the luggage you will be traveling with. This error could force you to pay for an upgrade at the time of pickup.

Click on “detailed estimate” and carefully consult the “price included” and “options payable on site” sections.

Subsequently, it is possible to obtain a summary of your research by email , by clicking on “quote by email”.

Sending several quotes does not commit you to anything , and allows you to compare all the offers that may be of interest to you from our partners.

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# 2- Choose a model that consumes less fuel

It’s not rocket science, but often we get carried away with the idea of big American cars and forget to consider the more economical models .

Sure, the idea of ​​driving an SUV on Canada’s highways is exciting, but is it really necessary ?

The answer is no , unless you travel to the very wild (and unpaved) regions of Canada.

First, car rental itself will be much more expensive , not to mention gas mileage .

As an indication, here is a comparison between an intermediate model and an SUV model , at the same rental company, from July 2 to 7, 2018 .

To calculate the full tank of gas, we used the price of regular retail gasoline in Montreal , as of May 1 , at $ 1.43 / liter , including taxes .

# 3- Pay special attention to one-way rental fees

One-way rental fees, also known as abandonment fees , are not always included in base prices .

Before planning your itinerary , make sure you have checked out this little detail that can sometimes play big tricks when you are picked up .

Here are some examples , with one of our partners :

Pickup in Vancouver and drop-off in Calgary: $ 120, excluding taxes

Pickup in Calgary and drop-off in Vancouver: $ 250, excluding taxes

Above all, don’t forget to simulate your car rental online before booking your plane ticket .

On our site, you will find the details of the abandonment fees in the “options payable on site” section , just after clicking on “detailed estimate”.

# 4- Pick up in the city center

If you spend more than one night in a major city before leaving for your tour in Canada , do not pick up at the airport.

First, the majority of large Canadian cities are very well served by public transit . Likewise, some cities, such as Montreal and Vancouver , are best explored on foot .

In addition to shortening the number of days you rent your car, you’ll avoid paying hotel parking fees , which can sometimes run as high as $ 30 per night .

Also, some large hotels offer a free shuttle service from the airport. Find out before you go.

# 5- Respect the Highway Code and avoid toll roads

This last tip will not reduce the rental costs as such, but will prevent you from unpleasant surprises .

In fact, every year, travelers are charged ticket fees on their credit cards.

When you receive a ticket with a rented car and you fail to pay for it, the costs are first assumed by the renter. The latter will then charge them directly to your credit card , in addition to including very generous administration fees .

Obey speed limits and other traffic regulations, and pay close attention to parking signs in large cities.