Would you like more pleasant, quieter and therefore safer travel journeys? Nothing more unpleasant than having to call your little world to order every 5 minutes, to occupy and distract as best they can the children who do not like to remain seated. So that a car trip rhymes with pleasure and safety and not with nightmare and drudgery, discover the essential accessories for any trip with your toddlers. 


First of all, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to plan some business. 

Keep in front of the vehicle with you: handkerchiefs, anti-nausea, water and something to satisfy small appetites.

To plan in the trunk according to the age of your children: the potty, the changing bag, a first aid kit, etc.

Ideally, for added safety, opt for a car mirror so you can watch your children without having to turn around. 


Not all babies and young children sleep in cars. And those who find sleep are not in dreamland all the way. We must then find something to occupy them and in a sustainable way. The great variety of toys for babies and toddlers allows you to vary the pleasures. 

Those who are adept at manipulations will love the multi-touch books and car mobiles. Curious people and activity enthusiasts will appreciate the colorful and sometimes musical car picture to hang on the front seat or even the steering wheel with various sounds and lights to manipulate. 

And the timeless rattle is still a hit with the youngest. 

To travel by car with complete peace of mind, don’t forget the blanket! Your child talks to him, tells him so many things. It also occupies him. 


The older ones find the time longer more easily. The advantage is that there are more distractions available to them than for toddlers. 

Is your child creative? The famous magic table – experienced by all – is ideal for a road trip. No need for pencil or paper support, everything is in the box. No risk of pen marks on your seats. Books with stickers are also a popular activity for young people.

You can consider coloring, preferably with wooden colored pencils. 

Children grow up surrounded by new technologies. What attracts and distracts them so much? The tablets of course. Practical, they slip easily into a vehicle storage space. 

For a moment of relaxation for all, after lunch or when your baby is taking a nap, a cartoon or an animated film is welcome thanks to the car DVD player. The screens to be suspended from the front headrests are always a good ally to pass the time. 

The book also remains an essential accessory for a car trip with the children. Are they not fans of novels? Plan for newly purchased journals. Whether in the form of a comic book or a discovery magazine, reading remains a privileged moment. 


In addition to your luggage and the activities to plan for your children, Mycarsit tells you the essentials for safety and comfort in the car: 

A car seat adapted to the age and size of your child

Correct installation of the car seat

A child comfortably seated with the harness / seat belt correctly positioned

A revised car on the day of departure

Good to know :

For any car trip, it is recommended to bring water, food and a blanket (or warm clothing).