When it comes to having a smooth ride in your vehicle, wheel alignment is one of the most important maintenance aspects. Not only will properly aligned wheels affect the performance of your vehicle, but they’ll also help keep you and other drivers safe behind the wheel.

That’s why we’ve collected some of the foremost warning signs it’s time to visit your local wheel alignment store for maintenance services.

What Exactly is Wheel Alignment? 

Unless you’re an auto expert or car enthusiast, wheel alignment might seem like a bit of a mystery to you. However, it’s a relatively straightforward process. When you bring your vehicle to a wheel alignment store, they’ll inspect your wheels and then align them based on your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Unlike wheel balancing, alignment has to do with the shocks of your vehicle.

When performing wheel alignment services, a trained technician will use precision technology to adjust your wheels to the proper angle, enabling them to maintain the right contact with the road when steering your car. Wheel alignment services also help keep your car driving in a straight line and minimize vibrations from the road.

Some of the Most Common Signs to Visit Your Wheel Alignment Store? 

Sometimes, it’s fairly obvious you’re in need of realignment services, and others, not so much.

Swaying or Pulling:

If your car sways from side to side while driving in a straight line, or you feel a pull on its steering wheel, there’s likely an alignment issue at play. By bringing your car in ASAP for alignment services, you can avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your tires and vehicle.

A Wonky Steering Wheel:

If you’re driving down a clear path or roadway and your steering wheel isn’t straight or sits at an odd angle, an alignment is probably necessary. Your steering wheel should always line up properly when driving.

Uneven Wear & Tear on Tires:

One of the biggest points of investing in wheel alignment is to extend the lifespan of your tires by lining them up properly with your steering mechanism. Doing so ensures that each tire bears an even load. However, when tires become out of alignment, you’ll likely be able to see it. Take a look at the edges of your times and if they’re uneven, call a professional.

Unusual Noises:

Another common indicator you need alignment services is when you hear strange noises while driving. These noises include knocking, squealing, or screeching when you start your car or it’s in operation. It’s most often an indicator that your car has steering, and suspension issues a good alignment job can fix.


It’s not uncommon to experience some vibration from the roadway while driving. However, if your steering wheel is vibrating more than usual, it’s a good indicator you have an issue.

Poor Handling:

Misaligned tires will affect the handling of your care, often causing it to feel loose or have a delayed response while driving.

Bring your car to your local wheel alignment store today! 

If you’re experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, bring your car into a wheel alignment store today to avoid costly repairs and replacements down the road.