Renting a car has become such an innocuous and banal practice. Indeed, today several agencies offer accessible vehicle rental services at attractive prices. Especially since all their offers are accessible on the internet, which makes the task easier. We are going to explain to you why nowadays it is so much more profitable to resort to a rental car . Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is important to differentiate the multitude of options in terms of car rental. There are car rentals for relatively short periods, defined in advance. Then we have LLDs, which are long term car rentals.

Huge and diverse variety of car rental companies

The car rental market is almost saturated. Indeed, there are so many suppliers in this sector that applicants can only find their “rare pearl”. Rental agencies have proliferated in recent years, and so have rental offers. According to INSEE, there were around 1,347 rental agencies in 2017 against 755 in 2010. The number of car rental agencies is growing.

Vehicles for all types of needs

The rental car can meet various needs. Therefore, you usually have the choice between different types of vehicles . We cite utilities, minibuses, cars and finally the more prestigious cars. Utilities are most often used for business purposes. Minibuses are in great demand for short trips or simply long trips with several people. Cars can be used to meet everyday needs (going to work, shopping, etc.). Finally, more upscale cars are quite popular for special occasions such as weddings, any celebrations….

Thanks to the many types of vehicles offered on the market, you can organize various trips. Whether it’s a trip of a week or more with your loved ones aboard a minibus, a romantic getaway for a weekend, a sporting or humanitarian event… everything has become so accessible!

Possibility to rent in due time

If you need to rent a car urgently, that’s no longer a problem! With the dematerialization of commercial actions, you no longer need to go directly on site, that is to say directly to an agency. You can rent a car through the internet, without having to travel. It is a real time saver. So you’ll need to visit the website of the agency to lease. The system has become instantaneous.

When you arrive on your agency’s website, you just have to fill in certain data. These allow the proposal to offer delivery of the most appropriate rental for you according to your profile and needs. The data you must provide are the desired vehicle, the definition of your needs with the departure time and the expected arrival time.

In general, we ask you the number of kms you plan to travel with the vehicle. Already, based on these data, a proposal for the location of the pick-  up of the vehicle will be made to you. Then, you will have the choice on several small options which aim to maximize your comfort and ease throughout this vehicle rental . We will see a little later what are the associated services and options.

Extensive vehicle ranges

Service providers generally offer a wide range of vehicles , which leaves a choice. First of all, you have the choice concerning the type of vehicle (stated previously).

For example, we ourselves offer a comprehensive range of vehicles  for all types of needs. In the minibus category, we offer 5 vehicles. We have very comfortable minibuses like the Opel Vivaro, the Ford Custom Transit, the Renault Trafic Combi, the Peugeot Traveler, the Mercedes V Class Luxe.

Or, in the Prestige category with luxury cars , we also offer 5 vehicles. We have the Mercedes E-Class, the Audi A5 Cabriolet, the Jaguar XF, the Range Evoque Cab and the Audi A5. So you can take advantage of one of these many vehicles at a price that is considerably less expensive than if you decided to purchase one of the vehicles on offer.

It has become relatively easy to find the best vehicles on the market, but not only that. If you want a certain vehicle load capacity, it is just as possible to find suitable vehicles. Some agencies offer international rental, which allows you to travel around the world .

So find the car that suits you without making too much effort and above all without spending a lot.

Ease of payment terms

After choosing the vehicle that corresponds to you at the best price , it’s time for the payment phase. This one is very simple. In general, the credit card is the most used method. This then results in a rental contract which includes all the recorded data.

Several measures implemented in order to satisfy the customer as much as possible

In addition to offering an important vehicle listing, you can purchase additional services and options. It is true that these advantages will be the source of additional costs . However, these costs will not be as high as if you purchased the associated services yourself.