Fortuner is a 3-row SUV exclusively sold overseas that uses a ladder frame structure, and is being developed mainly in emerging countries. In the Indonesian market, GR Sports, which bears the name of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (GR), was newly announced on August 9, 2021. At this point, the engines installed in the Fortuner standard car and GR Sport are 2.4 liter diesel (maximum output 150 horsepower, maximum torque 40.8 kgm) and 2.7 liter gasoline (maximum output 163 horsepower, maximum torque 24.7 kgm) and are driven. The method was also 2WD only. This time, 2.8 liter diesel was set as a new engine for Fortuner’s standard car “VRZ” grade and GR Sport. The maximum output is 204 horsepower and the maximum torque is 50.9 kgm. Comparing the previously set 2.4-liter diesel with the newly introduced 2.8-liter diesel at 0-100m / h acceleration, the 2.4-liter diesel took 14 seconds, while the 2.8-liter diesel was shortened to 11.9 seconds about it.

In addition, the GR Sport 4WD specification is equipped with a 4WD system equipped with functions such as downhill assist control and easy 4×4 switch. ¬†Fortuner has 4 grades with different specifications for standard cars, and GR Sports has 4 grades with different specifications such as engine and drive system.

The price of the new Toyota Fortuner will be set from 521.6 million rupiah (from about 4.17 million yen in Japanese yen, calculated at 0.008 yen per rupiah), and GR sports will be set from 561 million rupiah.

Anton Jimmy Swandy, marketing director at Toyota’s Indonesian subsidiary (PT Toyota Astra Motor), said, “The presence of the newly added 2.8-liter diesel engine provides users with even greater options.

I hope that the new Fortuner will meet the expectations of users who demand further power performance. “

In addition, Toyota’s Indonesian subsidiary announced the Indonesian specifications of the new “Land Cruiser” (300 series) together with the new Fortuner. Only diesel specifications are available, and two grades, “GR Sport” and “VX-R”, are set. The price is 2,378.8 million rupiah (about 1990 million yen) for the GR sports grade and 2,323.8 million rupiah (about 18.59 million yen) for the VX-R grade.

Toyota’s new 3-row SUV “Fortuner Commander” announced! Glossy face with blackness emphasis 2.4L diesel installed for about 5.2 million yen Appeared in Tai

Newly adopted monotube shock absorber

Toyota’s Thai subsidiary announced on February 1, 2022 the special specification car “Fortuner Commander” of the 3-row seat SUV “Fortuner”. It is said that it will be sold only for 1000 units, but what are the characteristics of the SUV? The Fortuner Commander announced this time has a strong front face by adopting a glossy black front bumper and a dedicated front grill as exclusive equipment for the exterior.

The door mirror cover and side steps are also painted in glossy black, and a two-tone black roof and 20-inch aluminum wheels are also installed. The interior is a special interior with black as the base color and red accents effectively arranged. The seat is also equipped with a leather seat with red stitching.

In addition to being equipped with front / rear suspension with special settings, it is also equipped with a panoramic view monitor, rear cross traffic alert, and blind spot monitor as preventive safety functions.

The engine installed is a 2.4-liter diesel engine with a maximum output of 150 horsepower and a maximum torque of 400 Nm.The price of the Fortuner Commander is 1.55,000 baht (approx. 5.2 million yen, calculated at 3.45 yen per baht).The standard Fortuner (Thailand specification) is available locally from 1,351,000 baht (starting from about 4.67 million yen).Toyota’s Thai subsidiary announced on the 4th an improved new model of the 7-seater SUV “Fortuner”. It will be an upgrade in the middle of model life. Fortuner is one of Toyota Motor’s “IMV” = innovative international multipurpose vehicle projects that has been underway since 2004.

In the IMV project, Thailand is the production base for pickups and multi-passenger cars, and the current Fortuner was launched in the Southeast Asian and Australian markets from 2015. In Thailand, it belongs to the category called PPV = pickup-based passenger car, and it is also in the luxury segment. The Fortuner is a popular car with a 43.4% share of the Thai PPV market.

In the development of the improved new model, the theme of “Prestige & Cool” emphasized the sense of “luxury” and “modern”. It is one that can be used for both leisure and daily commuting. The bold exterior design has been refreshed with a premium feel. It reflects Fortuner’s role as a comfortable transporter in the city and a tough off-road pioneer.

The most significant change was inside the car body, and by reviewing the engine design, fuel efficiency was improved while increasing output. The maximum output of the 2.8-liter 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine is 150kW (204PS) and the peak torque is 500Nm. This will be 20kW and 50Nm stronger than the conventional type, respectively. 2.4 liters will be prepared for the Thai market. A nice improvement for Australian users is the increased tow weight, which is 3100kg, plus 300kg for the conventional model.