The Suzuki Swift was redesigned based on the “concept-s” concept car exhibited at the 2002 Paris Auto Show and the “concept-s2” concept car exhibited at the 2003 Frankfurt Auto Show. It is divided into 3-door and 5-door styles.

Suzuki Swift, Changan Suzuki launched “Swift” in 2005. As its name suggests, the Swift is small and exquisite. It is known as the small MINI COOPER. It is loved by many young people, especially female friends. Swift has a short listing time, and the used car market is relatively rare. However, due to the high degree of market recognition of Swift, the sales volume is also very good, and the number of possessions will gradually expand. There are two types of Swift, 1.3L and 1.5L.

Chinese Name Suzuki Swift Foreign Name Suzuki Swift Brand Suzuki Brake Method Front Disc Rear Drum Manufacturer Changan Suzuki Body Weight 1040 kg /100km Fuel tank volume 45 liters Engine type G13B inline four-cylinder Standard seats 5 Top speed 165 km/h

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The biggest advantage: economical and fuel-efficient; good price/performance ratio; sporty and fashionable appearance. The biggest disadvantage: the 1.3L displacement power is relatively weak; the rear row and trunk space are small.


Swift’s appearance is fashionable and beautiful, the front line is round and full, and the waistline is smooth and smooth. Although the flat-top appearance is suspected of imitation, it has also been criticized by netizens, but it does look like a bright spot in the same class of cars, young Vibrant.

Interior: The interior style of Suzuki Swift  is fashionable and atmospheric, and the configuration is rich, but the storage space in the car is not user-friendly, the rear seats are straight, and the ride is not comfortable enough; the materials are rough, the plastic feeling is strong, and the workmanship is average, most netizens Indicates that there is an abnormal sound problem in the center console.

Space: The front row and headroom are excellent and spacious, but the rear row and trunk have less space and less storage space.

Handling: Most netizens are satisfied with Swift’s flexible handling; the steering wheel is steady, and the rolling curve is small; the chassis is good, but the ground clearance is small, easy to scratch, the turning radius is small, and the passability is poor; the tires have strong grip , The driving is stable, but the suspension is tough, the shock absorption is hard, and the ride comfort is not high; the clutch stroke is short and the joint point is high, netizens report that the new car is easy to stall when starting; the sound insulation effect is poor, and the tire noise and wind noise are obvious at high speed.

Power: The power is relatively weak, the starting and acceleration are fleshy, the gearbox technology is not advanced, the gear range is short, and the accelerator is sensitive; the idle speed is quiet, but the engine noise is loud when driving at high speed.

Fuel consumption: According to the feedback of most netizens, the average fuel consumption of the Swift is 7L/100km, which is more fuel-efficient in the same class of cars.


Appearance – cute with a sporty spirit. From the appearance point of view, the Swift imitates the mini cooper with strong traces. Although the external reviews are a bit mixed, it does bring a lot of popularity to Changan Suzuki. The front and rear bumpers of the Swift are integrated with the body, which increases the overall sense and also improves the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle. Large-sized wheels are arranged on the four corners of the chassis as much as possible, which makes the interior space of the Swift fully utilized.


The interior of the Swift adopts a European-style two-color scheme, mainly in gray tones, which may be designed by the manufacturer in order to highlight the sportiness and driving pleasure of the Swift. In order to meet the needs of different consumers, Swift’s interior/seat fabrics are divided into two types: high-grade fabrics and luxury fabrics. The Swift adopts a multi-function steering wheel that integrates gear shifting and volume control, which is rarely seen in domestic sedans, and is also one of the main selling points of the Swift. At the same time, the design of the central control panel of the Swift is relatively sophisticated. The Swift uses a self-illuminating dial, with a sporty white backlight for the Ultra Deluxe and Deluxe models, and a casual-style amber for the Comfort model, with bright red instrument hands. Speedometer, tachometer, digital odometer, water temperature gauge, fuel gauge, various warning lights (seat belt not inserted/door not closed/headlights not closed/low fuel level) display, etc. are all available, so that drivers can fully Get the status of your vehicle. On the instrument panel, in addition to the various instruments mentioned above, the Swift is also equipped with a comprehensive information display in the center of the instrument. Among them, the time, outside temperature and fuel consumption of the ultra-luxury and luxury models are displayed, which is convenient for the driver to observe; the comfort model only provides time display.


The Swift is equipped with a new 1.3l all-aluminum engine from Suzuki, with a maximum power of 63kw and a maximum torque of 110n.m, which meets the Euro III emission standards. According to the manufacturer, it can meet the requirements of Euro IV emission regulations after optimized matching. The use of advanced CAN bus technology is a highlight of the Swift power system. The Swift is also equipped with a 1.5vvt gasoline engine, which adopts variable intake valve timing technology and has a maximum torque of 75n.m. Many people are interested in the domestic Swift mainly because of this engine.


In terms of safety performance, Swift is equipped with abs+ ebd, engine electronic anti-theft locking system and child seat fixing devices. These safety configurations not only ensure driving safety, but also facilitate home travel.

The body of the Swift adopts a light-weight collision energy-absorbing body (tect), which is rust-proof for 12 years. In frontal collision, frontal offset collision, side collision and rollover test, it has reached the highest safety level of the world’s A-class car. European ncap four-star and Japanese jncap five-star standard. Excellent performance in pedestrian protection and child protection crash tests. Equipped with front seat side airbags and air curtains to form a six-bag auxiliary protection system.