Every car owner knows the importance of auto repair shops. These shops appear as lifesavers, especially when we are stranded in the middle of a journey, because of some impairment in the vehicle, or some damage caused due to a collision.

We all have an auto repair shop of our acquaintance, where we take our car for regular maintenance services. They are usually either the dealership-authorized service centers or a private garage in our neighborhood, where the mechanics become familiar to us and our vehicles, and they do not need a fresh introduction of the car, every time we visit them. However, we all are curious to know, if these auto repair centers offer emergency services to car users, who might not even be the owners? When we asked the same question to the Gilroy auto repair center, they gave us the following answer that we found inspiring enough to share.

Which are Emergency Repair Services?

In most cases, a car user will visit an auto repair shop for regular maintenance services. Nevertheless, there are plenty of car users who visit these repair centers when their car needs emergency treatment. It is quite similar to the health institutions, where there is a separate section for emergency patients. But in the case of these auto repair centers, even though there is no separate wing for emergency cases, the mechanics do respond to the emergency needs of a car, that has suffered some damage in one or more of its mechanical parts.

If we take a small survey, we will find that in most cases, the emergency auto repair services include brake repair, wheel alignment, engine re-machining, etc. These damages usually take place, when a car is denied regular maintenance, and the snooze button for the maintenance schedule is pressed too many times. The auto repair centers do accept such repair orders, at odd hours, when a car user enters their premise, after their car has stopped responding to their commands, or has become immovable.

Emergency Service Unit

The auto service centers that usually offer 24/7 hours of service also keep themselves ready for emergencies, when a car user might ask for help, at an odd hour. A team of mechanics stays prepared to reach the location of the car, where it is standing still. This emergency unit of mechanics carries with them the basic tools to set things right on the spot. But if the car is damaged beyond drivability, the emergency unit of mechanics drives to the spot with a towing vehicle, to bring the vehicle to their site for immediate repair.

In most cases, such emergency services of auto repair are categorized under the “Roadside Assistance” services, for which a car owner has to subscribe through the dealership from where they have purchased the vehicle. However, even if a car owner has not subscribed for “Roadside Assistance” service, a reputable and dealership authorized center like that of the Gilroy auto repair will not refuse to help you with an emergency, where your car gets damaged or stranded all of a sudden.